Philips soundbar on sale at Amazon with a big discount

Among the good features that the Philips B5105 / 12 has, the one that we think draws the most attention is the excellent connectivity that this model has. We say this because, among other things, it does not lack the option to use HDMI which is ARC compliant and does not lose 4K image quality. Besides, and this is also interesting, it is also possible to use Bluetooth if you have compatible devices (among which there is no shortage of smartphones), which prevents cables from being through the room to enjoy improved sound.

Philips B5105 sound bar

Something that is also striking about this Philips soundbar is its design. Put aside the circular and smooth lines to propose a geometric trapezoidal appearance that is the most attractive and that makes it be completely different from the vast majority of the models with which it competes in the market today. Additionally, it should be noted that in the sound module itself there are controls to manage everything related to the use of the device. So you will always have this resource at hand.

Don’t miss out on the offer for this Philips soundbar

Thanks to Amazon you can buy from home, and without paying anything for shipping costs if you have a Prime account, for only 73.55 euros. This is one very low amount for a model that, among other things, has a remote control so that you don’t have to bother at all to raise or lower the volume of the device from the armchair you have in the living room. We leave the link purchase so that you do not miss this opportunity that we believe is a good possibility if the sound of your television does not convince you at all.

Options that are important in this product

One of them is that this is a model that has two sound channels, so you have no problems with the stereo sound you need to enjoy current series and also games running on the console. By the way, the power offered by this Philips soundbar is 30 W, so it is greater than that offered by practically all the Smart TVs that currently exist on the market. Besides, it should be noted that this device offers compatibility with technologies that ensure its good performance, such as Dolby.

Philips B5105 soundbar buttons

If it is space that you have in the living room, you think it could be a problem with this Philips B5105 / 12, the truth is that you may be wrong. We say this, since the dimensions of the bar are only 97.6 x 18.2 x 12.1 cm, so this complete sound bar is quite well manufactured. Besides, and this is important, it allows wall mounting in case you have your TV placed in this way.

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