Philips Smart TV with Ambilight and Android TV at a great discount

We refer to the Philips Smart TV 70PUS8505 / 12, a TV with a huge screen with 4K resolution and all the necessary technology to enjoy our favorite series and movies as if we were in the cinema but from the living room.

Complete home theater experience

This Philips TV features the famous Ambilight from the manufacturer on three sides that optically enlarges the image on the screen thanks to its intelligent LEDs, guarantees a more intense television experience and helps protect our eyes.

Thanks to technologies HDR 10+ and die P5 Perfect Picture Engine, this Philips TV allows you to enjoy high-quality images with incredible contrast with very fluid movements and vivid, true colors. But for the complete experience, in addition to Dolby Vision, this Philips 70PUS8505 / 12 TV offers a premium sound thanks to Dolby Atmos, allowing you to enjoy sound with great clarity, detail and depth.

Smart TV Phlips Ambilight 70PUS8505 / 12

In addition to everything that the Ambilight system and its technology provide us at an audiovisual level, another of the attractions of this large model is that it has an operating system Android TV. In this way, we can enjoy a really comfortable and simple navigation, as well as install all our favorite apps and games on the TV through Google Play.

To put the icing on the cake and thanks to the fact that it has the Android operating system, this Philips Smart TV fully integrates the use of the assistant Google. In addition, it offers compatibility with Alexa, so we can send certain voice commands to the TV.

In the connectivity section, it should be noted that this Philips 70PUS8505 / 12 has Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet port, HDMI and USB ports. The dimensions are 91.2 x 31.2 x 158.1 cm and it has a weight of about 28 kg.

Smart TV Philips 70PUS8505 / 12 on sale

This incredible 70-inch Philips TV has an official price of 1,199 euros, however, thanks to the offer we find on Amazon, it is possible to buy this model with a discount of almost 120 euros. That is, we can take this Smart TV Philips 70PUS8505 / 12 at a price of 1,079.43 euros. Without a doubt, one of the most complete large-size Smart TVs at this price.

Smart TV Philips Ambilight 70PUS8505

A product that the online shopping giant allows to finance and pay in 24 months without interest, therefore, we can choose that payment method at the time of ordering if we want to. The delivery time of this television that is sold and shipped by Amazon is only a couple of days, so within a maximum period of 48 hours we can receive it at home. If we are also Amazon Prime customers, we can benefit from free shipping.

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