Philips OLED Smart TV on sale now with a discount of 900 euros

The model we are talking about is the Philips 65OLED854 / 12, a TV that has a very large screen and that ensures that you will be able to enjoy all kinds of content with exceptional quality. The big reason for saying this is that it has a panel OLED with 4K resolution and that is compatible with content HDR10 +, so the range of colors it can reproduce is extremely wide and achieves excellent realism. Besides, it has technologies such as P5 Pro Perfect Picture Engine that optimizes all the movements that are seen on the screen, something that is very positive especially with games.

Smart TV OLED Philips 65OLED854

The operating system included in this Philips OLED Smart TV is one of the most advanced that currently exists, since we are talking about Android TV. This ensures an excellent capacity to install all kinds of applications, among which there are not as many games as those of streaming platforms. And, to ensure that the operation is excellent, the hardware that you will find inside this television is one of the most powerful on the market: processor MediaTek MT5597; 3 GB of RAM; and a storage of 16 GB. The performance is exceptional with all types of content (and even when it comes to scaling)

Offer for this Philips 65OLED854 / 12

To date, we have not seen such significant savings when buying this high-quality TV. Nothing less than a 35% discount allows you not to have to pay 901 euros … an impressive figure. Also, if you have a Prime account, you don’t have to add anything for shipping costs. We leave the link for you to make the purchase right now and do not miss the opportunity to get this TV that has dimensions of 857.1 x 1,448.7 x 243 mm and that it is monobase type.

Additional options of this Philips OLED Smart TV

Something that we want to highlight especially is that this television has a sound that has a total power of 50 W (2.1), much higher than what is usual in the market. In addition, it does not lack compatibility with advanced technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS HD Premium Sound. Excellent in this section the model we are talking about. By the way, it also has compatibility with voice assistants such as Google’s own and Amazon’s Alexa.

Rear of Smart TV Philips 65OLED854

Finally, it is important to mention that the connectivity section includes all the options that may be needed today. An example is that it has four HDMI ports; integrates Chromecast; it does not lack WiFi and Bluetooth; and it even has additional options like two USB and digital optical audio output. Very complete in this section.

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