Philips large screen 4K smart TV with 102 euros discount

The model we are talking about is the Philips 70PUS7555 / 12 that has some virtues in what has to do with its design, such as that its color is White and it is far from the usual black of the televisions that are sold today and that have a flat screen. Something that is very surprising is the dimensions of the device we are talking about, since they are only 912 x 1581 x 285 mm which is very little considering the 70 inch what will you find in the panel LED that is integrated into the product. This, among other things, ensures that you will be able to place it without many problems in practically any furniture in the living room.

4K Smart TV Philips 70PUS7555 / 12 white

With regard to image quality, as it cannot be otherwise for a model that is currently considered complete, the resolution it offers reaches 4K. In this way, you will not have a problem to fully enjoy the contents of the streaming platforms. We believe that it is important to indicate that inside this TV there is a P5 processor which ensures among other things a fairly good scaling and also ensures high fluidity when displaying images which is quite convenient with games. By the way, the noise reduction that this component allows is excellent, something that will make the definition is very good.

An offer that we think is worth it

Right now you will be able to get this Philips 4K Smart TV with a very interesting discount that allows save 102 euros compared to the price it usually has in stores. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity in case you are looking for a TV with a very large screen. With an operating system called Saphi that is correct, since it offers clients for most of the platforms that are enjoyed in the cloud, such as YouTube and Netflix, we leave you the link that you have to use to make the purchase right now and not must pay nothing for shipping costs.

Well in connectivity the Philips Smart TV

You will not find any problems in this section, since everything you may need is included in this Philips 70PUS7555 / 12. An example of what we say is that to access the Internet you have both WiFi as well as Ethernet, and it also lacks digital optical audio output and composite video input. Besides, it is worth noting that the number of ports HDMI that you will find on the television amounts to three, more than enough in the beginning, and it also has a USB pair that allows you to use external drives or pendrives in which there are videos.

Philips 70PUS7555 / 12 4K Smart TV operating system

Finally, we do not want to end without commenting that the power that you are going to find in this Philips 4K Smart TV in the sound section is 20 watts thanks to a pair of stereo speakers. In addition, here you will find good news, since there is compatibility with different technologies such as DTS and Dolby, and it does not lack a more than interesting night mode that avoids disturbing those who are at home.

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