Philips Hue smart bulb pack compatible with Alexa on sale

Create your ideal environment at all times

It is about bulbs with white and colored LED light that allows to regulate its temperature between 2.00 and 6500 k, as well as to choose between 16 million colors to be able to give the ideal atmosphere to our room at every moment of the day. Lights that we can control remotely through our own smartphone by BluetoothYes, for this we will need to download and install the Philips Hue app on the mobile.

philips hue remote control bulbs

Through Bluetooth connectivity and thanks to the Philips app, it is possible to control up to 10 bulbs, while if we make use of the Philips Hue bridge, then we can control the light of the whole house, up to 50 bulbs. But as we indicated previously, one of the great attractions is being able to control the bulbs with our own voice. Something that we can also do with these smart bulbs on sale.

And it is that it is a model that offers complete compatibility with the assistants Alexa from Amazon, Google Home, and Apple Homekit. Therefore, we will be able to ask our assistant to turn on the lights, turn them off or change color with a simple voice command. Some bulbs that are also just as easy to install as other conventional models and that we can configure with our favorite assistant in a very simple way.

Almost 30% discount on Philips Hue bulbs

If you already want to have these bulbs in your home or want to expand the number of smart bulbs in your home, now you can get this pack of Philips Hue smart bulbs type E27 at a reduced price. Specifically, the official price of this pack is 99.95 euros, but thanks to the discount applied by Amazon at the moment, it is possible to buy them with a saving of almost 30 euros.

Philips Hue smart bulbs

That is, the final price of this pack of two bulbs is 70.99 euros. A price to which we should not add any additional costs, since it is a product sold and shipped by Amazon in which it offers free standard shipping from 29 euros and in a single day if we are customers or subscribe to the Amazon Prime service . Therefore, it is possible to place our order for a pack of two Philips Hue smart bulbs and receive them in just a few hours at our home.

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