Philips big screen OLED smart TV today with your maximum discount

The reason, apart from the promotion, for what we think the purchase of this TV is striking is that it has a panel OLED. This ensures that the definition is excellent, and that it has virtues such as offering very pure blacks. The dimensions of the screen is 55 inches, and it has 4K resolution to take advantage (along with compatibility with HDR10 + and Dolby Vision) to the contents of platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. And, all this is managed with a P5 processor that enables very fast work when managing images so that quality is not lost.

You may wonder about the dimensions of this Philips OLED Smart TV from the aforementioned. Those offered by this TV are only 716.6 x 1,127.8 x 230 cm, which is not exactly an exaggeration. This is a device that has the technology Ambilight, which adds LED lights to achieve a suitable environment for all types of content that are enjoyed on this device and is quite effective when you are in a place where there is not a very high ambient light.

Offer to buy this TV

A 28% discount For a high quality TV with an OLED panel, it is always good news if you ship a device with these characteristics. The fact is that we are talking about a saving that reaches 417.33 euros, a bargain without a doubt. With access to voice assistants such as Alexa, we leave the purchase link where you will not have to pay anything for shipping the Philips 55OLED754 / 12 if you have an Amazon online account, which is an excellent opportunity in our opinion.

Excellent sound on this Philips OLED Smart TV

This is something that makes this model different, since the total power offered by this television is 30 W, so it is great to protect you from your competition … and, best of all, we are talking about a system 2.1Since this is a Smart TV that includes a subwoofer, it offers excellent quality with the bass. Besides, and this is important, the DTS compatibility is present, so a good user experience is achieved even with the games of the current consoles.

Smart TV Philips 55OLED754 / 12 side

The operating system of this model is Saphi, an easy-to-use development that offers or is more common than users demand. When it comes to connectivity, you will have no problems when connecting accessories, since this model has a four HDMI ports and two USB, so using external drives for televisions is entirely possible. In addition, it also has WiFi and Bluetooth, which combines seamlessly with Ethernet optical digital audio output, and even headphone jacks are available.

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