Philips B8505 / 10 soundbar with Dolby Atmos at the best price

If you are passionate about cinema and series, then surely you like to enjoy them with the best possible audiovisual experience. In this case, you probably have a large television capable of offering high quality images, but on many occasions, the sound section is somewhat short when we are a little demanding in this regard. In that case, it is best to use a sound bar to help us improve that section of our television. A model like this one from Philips that we can get now with an interesting discount.

Surround sound with a modern design

It is a sound bar with a wireless subwoofer and a very modern design in silver that will easily adapt to the decoration of your home. The model in question is the Philips B8505 / 10, a bar with a maximum power of 240 W that is capable of offering great sound quality through its 2.1 channels capable of creating very intense effects and reproducing much clearer and sharper dialogue. .

Soundbar philips b8505-10 front

A soundbar compatible with Dolby Atmos that allows us to enjoy 3D sound and that has DTS Play-Fi compatibility to facilitate the creation of a true surround sound setup. As if that were not enough, this Philips B8505 / 10 has the ability to connect to virtual voice assistants, so it allows us to ask devices with Alexa or the speaker compatible with the assistant to play our favorite music through it. fantastic sound bar.

A model that at first glance stands out for having a low profile design, which allows us to place it almost under any television, although we can also choose to anchor it directly to the wall. Its Bluetooth connectivity, allows not to have cables thrown in between and to place the wireless subwoofer where it best suits us, of course, respecting the distance with the bar to avoid a bad synchronization between the two. It also allows connection to our television through HDMI, since it has three ports of this type.

Soundbar Philips B8505 / 10 on sale

The official price of this Philips B8505 / 10 soundbar is 399.99 euros, but as we anticipated, it is now possible to get it at a reduced price. The offer is available through Amazon, where the online shopping giant has applied a discount of almost 35 euros.

Sound bar philips b8505-10 side

It is a product sold and shipped by Amazon that offers a delivery time of just a couple of days, so if you place your order now, within approximately 48 hours you can receive this soundbar at home and start to enjoy it. If you are also a user subscribed to the Amazon Prime service, you will have the advantage of being able to receive the Philips B8505 / 10 soundbar completely free of charge.

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