Philips Ambilight Smart TV with Android TV and Amazon discount

To say that we are talking about the Philips 75PUS8505 / 12, a smart TV that boasts an immeasurable 75-inch screen so you can enjoy a true home theater for much less than you imagine. All thanks to an Amazon offer that will allow you to save 289.46 euros thanks to a 19% discount. Of course, do not hesitate when buying a support compatible with this Smart TV.

A Smart TV with Android TV and Chromecast

Smart TV Philips Ambilight 75PUS8505 / 12 side

On an aesthetic level, we are facing a product that boasts some dimensions 168.3 x 31.2 x 103.8 cmplus brushed aluminum finishes to give this smart TV a simply stunning look. And beware, under the hood of this device we find some surprises that make buying the Philips 75PUS8505 / 12 a sure hit.

Unsurprisingly, the image quality is beyond question thanks to its 75-inch screen with 4K resolution to enjoy the best image quality. To this must be added the fact that it has support for the main HDR standards, including Dolby Vision, so you can get the most out of the compatible content in this format available on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +.

The best of all? That this sale TV on Amazon has Android TV. In this way, we are facing a Smart TV that can access the complete catalog of games and applications available in the Google operating system for smart televisions. Not enough for you? Well, you know that it is a model certified by Google so it has a Chromecast inside.

Thanks to this you will be able to duplicate the screen of your phone in the simplest way so that it is reproduced on your Philips Smart TV, as well as being able to send content from all kinds of applications.

Ambilight technology makes the difference

Philips Smart TV from the front

Finally, say that this model has three-point Ambilight technology. We are talking about a system of LED lights located at the back of the TV and that light up depending on the content that is being played. This achieves a simply impressive sensation of immersion, in addition to helping the eyes not tire after prolonged use. We already anticipate that, once you have tried this technology, you will not want a TV that does not have Ambilight.

Without a doubt, we are facing one of the Best Philips Smart TVs You Can Buy. And now that it is on sale at Amazon with a discount of almost 300 euros to enjoy an image quality beyond any doubt for much less than you imagine, do not miss this bargain before it runs out.

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