Pelosi criticizes Trump’s Justice Department investigation into media leaks as ‘beyond Richard Nixon’

An outraged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that her House would conduct its own review of the Trump Justice Department investigation into media leaks, saying it went “even beyond Richard Nixon. ”.

“In terms of data mining, what the Republicans did, what the administration did, the Department of Justice, the leadership of the former president, goes even further than Richard Nixon,” Pelosi said in “State of the Union.” CNN. Richard Nixon had a list of enemies. It is about undermining the rule of law. “

He referred to the spate of reports Friday about a 2017-18 Justice Department investigation into leaks that encompassed at least two members of the House Intelligence Committee, Democratic Representatives Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell.

Apple confirmed Friday that it received grand jury subpoenas in February 2018 requesting metadata about lawmakers, staff and their families.

The Justice Department Office of Inspector General announced that it would conduct an investigation into the matter, while Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer called for former Attorneys General William P. Barr and Jeff Sessions to appear before the Senate.

Ms. Pelosi said the House will also participate in the investigation of the matter.

“The inspector general’s report is very important, but it is not a substitute for what needs to be done in Congress,” he said. “The Senate has asked for a review, we will certainly have it in the House of Representatives.”

He expressed skepticism about Mr. Barr and Mr. Sessions saying that they were unaware that members of Congress had searched their records, and that he expected them to agree to testify without receiving subpoenas.

“That the attorneys general, Barr and Sessions, at least two, say they knew nothing about it is unbelievable, so we will have to have them appear under oath to testify on that,” Pelosi said.

He also accused the Justice Department of being “dishonest under President Trump,” adding that “this is just another manifestation of his dishonest activity.”

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