PC Components lowers this powerful electric scooter up to € 379

Olsson Rhino scooter on sale

It is a model that we can find at the moment with an interesting offer in PC Components. A scooter that we can buy at a price of only 379 euros and whose official price is almost 450 euros. A model that currently has a 15% discount and that represents a saving of about 70 euros on your purchase. A price that undoubtedly makes it one of the most interesting electric scooters at that price.

Olsson Rhino rear scooter

In addition, the offer for the Olsson Rhino scooter includes the Free shipping on the peninsula and offers a delivery time of just one business day. Therefore, it is possible to receive the scooter at home within about 24 hours.

Powerful motor for all types of tours

One of the highlights of this electric scooter is its powerful motor. And it offers a maximum torque of nothing more and nothing less than 500 watts. In this way, it allows us to make all kinds of trips, without having to climb very steep streets being a problem. It is also equipped with shock absorbing tires to make driving more enjoyable. Some inflatable wheels with a 8.5 inch They provide good suspension and non-slip grip.

A scooter with which we can feel completely safe, since it also has a double braking system consisting of a front eABS electric brake and anti-lock rear disc brake. A system capable of reducing braking distance and that we can operate from the same hand lever.

Olsson Rhino scooter

Along with its powerful engine, which allows driving at a maximum speed of 25 km / h, this Olsson Rhino scooter has a 7,800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which gives it a range of up to 30 km on a single charge.

It also has a folding system that allows us to fold it to carry or store it comfortably and is also designed to avoid all kinds of vibrations while driving. On the handlebar we find a display where we can see the status of the scooter, turn the lights on or off, range, distance traveled or choose the driving mode. Specifically, this Olsson Rhino electric scooter has a mode ECHO energy saving and lower speed and mode SPORT that allows us to get the most out of the scooter.

It also allows you to control your speed by activating the cruise mode, which is automatically deactivated with the simple fact of touching the brake a little. The front and rear lights are LED and on the display it is also possible to consult a lot of statistics on the use of the scooter.

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