Paul Rudd and the secret of why he always stays young

Every year the magazine People select a male celebrity to name as “The sexiest man”. This 2021 the surprise was Paul Rudd, the charismatic 52-year-old actor who throughout his career has reaped great fruits and achieved extraordinary performances in film and television.

Paul Rudd is named the sexiest man of 2021 according to People magazine - blog Hola Telcel

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The success and talent of Paul rudd have led him to be part of one of the largest and most important franchises in cinema such as Ant-Man, the ant man, from Marvel Studios. Since then, Rudd is considered one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood. However, there has always been an unknown in terms of his career and that is, Why does it seem like Paul Rudd never gets old?

What is Paul Rudd’s secret to always looking young?

With the appointment of Paul Rudd as Sexiest Man of the Year, once again the question arose about how it is possible that the years do not pass on him, since he practically continues to look the same as we knew him in the nineties.

There is a mystery about why Paul Rudd still looks young - Blog Hola Telcel

On more than one occasion the media have asked Paul Rudd about his secret: how does he always look young? But Rudd has limited himself to making jokes about it and revealing hilarious confessions on the subject, for example, that he actually possesses vampire powers.

“I am 80 years old on the inside. Inside here there is pure darkness. (…) It also works to use a good moisturizer for the face ”, joked Paul Rudd at comments about his appearance.

Paul Rudd has never revealed the secret of how he always stays young.- Blog Hola Telcel

What does science say about the eternal youth of Paul Rudd?

The case of Paul Rudd on how he never ages has even generated curiosity among the scientific community, especially doctors with a dermatological specialty. They themselves have revealed that probably the actor of Ant-Man She stays young thanks to the fact that she took care of her skin from an early age, avoiding the sun and using creams. Another theory suggests that Paul avoids using the phone a lot, reducing the effects of light on his face. Or, experts suggest that consistent use of sunscreen has helped.

Whatever the reason, it has evidently worked to name him the sexiest man of 2021 according to People.

From Friends to Avengers: Endgame

Paul Rudd rose to fame in the 1990s when he starred in hit movies like Clueless and series like Friends, where he played Mike, Phoebe’s boyfriend and later husband. Since then, Rudd has not stopped working, comedy films being his greatest strength for a long time.

Paul Rudd began his career as Mike in the television series Friends.- Blog Hola Telcel

By 2015, the actor became one of Marvel’s funniest superheroes by bringing life to Scott Lang, better known as Ant-Man. However, Paul had already built an entire film career with films such as: Application for Admission, Sausage Party, Welcome to 40, Madness in Paradise, Dinner for Dummies, Not an Exemplary Pair and Monsters vs. Aliens, which you can enjoy for purchase or rent through Clear video thanks to the subscription included in your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan 3000 or higher, with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

The talent of Paul Rudd has made him the sexiest man and a Marvel superhero.- Blog Hola Telcel

Best of all, Paul Rudd’s career is far from over, as we’ll see him soon in Ghostbusters: The Legacy and in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Also, after its recognition by the magazine PeopleSurely more projects will arrive at your door.

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If you also love the work of Paul rudd in cinema tell us, what is your favorite movie? 😊

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