Participate in the Free Fire tournament, Claro gaming: Last Man Standing!

If you were waiting to show everyone, especially your friends and family, your gamer skills in Free fire, this is the perfect opportunity to do it. We present you the special Gamer Nation tournament called Last Man Standing, where the most daring will face each other to prove to be the best and you could be that winner.

Free Fire tournament Mexico

Claro gaming: Last Man Standing It will take place from March 5 to 7, 2021, in Battle Royale mode, alone. The participants will play the Bermuda map and if you are already convinced to participate, here we share all the bases and conditions. 👇

Bases of the Free Fire, Last Man Standing tournament

Registration is completely free and open to the public; All you need is to know how to play Free Fire, reside in Mexico and be 16 years or older. All games will be played online and only through a mobile device, this means that your only teammate will be your Telcel device.

The registration deadline is March 2. Up to 100 people can register each day from 4:00 to 7:00 pm (Mexico time), so you still have time to do it but don’t take too long as there is limited space. This so that in the end there are 50 participants for Friday, March 5 and another 50 participants for Saturday, March 6.

Ranked and gameplay

Each open qualifier will consist of 6 rooms and 48 players, with each room playing 6 rounds and earning points based on the results of each round. The best players in each room will go on to play in the closed qualifiers. That is why it is important to register only once to be considered in one of the rooms.

All the players will be chosen at random in the different groups and rooms. Each room will play 6 rounds and the top 24 in each room will stop at the final room, in this order:

March 5th

1:00 pm Open Qualifier 1
6:00 pm Open Qualifier 2

6th of March

1:00 pm Open Qualifier 3
6:00 pm Open Qualifier 4

7 of March

1:00 pm Qualifying closed
6:00 pm Final room

Great prizes for the winners!

The best places, those with the highest score, will win a cash prize:

1st place: $ 12,000
2nd place: $ 8,000
3rd place: $ 5,000
4th place: $ 3,000
5th place: $ 2,000

The transmission will be in charge of Clear gaming so you don’t miss it for anything in the world. It will also have professional casters and the best plays will be published on Nación Gamer’s TikTok.

Free Fire characters

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If you still have questions about how to register, click here. Or join the Discord group available to all participants from this link. It’s time to show that all the hours of play in Free Fire have been worth it by becoming the maximum champion of the tournament Last man standing. Are you ready?

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