Panasonic soundbar with integrated subwoofer discounted 75 euros

Without a doubt, the best detail that this accessory has is that we are talking about a product that has 2.1 channels, which clearly indicates that inside you will find a subwoofer (among other options). This ensures that you are going to enjoy quite good sound quality, especially in everything that has to do with bass and bass, something that is sure to be noticed with games. And, all this, with just one element that has the following dimensions: 12 x 96.2 x 5.6 centimeters.

Sound bar Panasonic SC-HTB400EGK black

If you wonder about the total power that the Panasonic SC-HTB400EGK soundbar allows, it reaches the 160 W. To give you an idea, when comparing it with the one offered by televisions, which is usually between 30 or 20 watts, it is quite clear that the improvement is very important and that you are going to achieve a much higher volume. And, by the way, technologies and hardware components are included that ensure that you will not suffer any type of distortion. And, this is so, whether you place the accessory under the TV or if you you hang on the wall (a possibility that this product offers and that many are sure to appreciate).

Good purchase offer on Amazon

Right now there is a promotion that you should not miss, especially if you have a Prime account, since you will not have to add anything for shipping costs. The point is that the discount existing reaches the 25%, which represents a saving of 76 euros. A most interesting figure for a sound bar that integrates a subwoofer and, therefore, ensures a very good sound quality. This is the link that you have to use to get this product with excellent reliability:

Connectivity of this Panasonic soundbar

This is another of the good details that you will find in this model, since everything you need is included so that you are absolutely sure that you do not have any type of problem to connect any device you have at home. Thus, for example, it does not lack that much optical digital input that it is always positive that it exists as HDMI (in this case compatible with 4K images so that you do not lose definition on the Smart TV and what is compatible with ARC). Besides, and this is quite important, it also has Bluetooth so you can use the equipment without having to put any cable through the sound source and also send content from tablets and phones.

Rear of soundbar Panasonic SC-HTB400EGK

With all that we have said, it is quite clear that thanks to the existing offer on Amazon, the purchase of this Panasonic soundbar is an excellent possibility that you should not miss. In addition, it has such interesting details as a color design black that adapts perfectly to any type of decoration and what fronts have a seven degree tilt that allows to avoid practically any obstacle that can be found to always ensure the best user experience.

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