Paint will also have its own ‘dark mode’! This is what it will look like

We all remember Paint with much affection, since it occupies a special place in our hearts, since for many it was the first editing program they knew. For that reason, we are happy to tell you that the classic virtual drawing program will soon have new features that you will love, including its own ‘dark mode’!

Microsoft's classic Paint will now have its own dark mode - Hello Telcel blog

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This is the first time in many years that Paint will have a design change, which is part of the new Microsoft Windows 11 which is in development. This new design will be accompanied by new tools for 3D creations, as well as a ‘dark mode ‘.

Was the same Panos panay, director of Microsoft, who showed a small preview of it via Twitter:

“We have redesigned Classic Paint. Instead of disappearing, it continued to be included in the Microsoft and Windows 11 operating systems. It seems ready to give it a new life that, without a doubt, will be very well received by many users “

Paint will also release new features in Windows 11

Panay showed how the new operation of Paint will be through the design of a birthday card that was used as an example in the video, in which you can see a new sector of floating fonts that gives it a more modern look, In addition to a new brush toolbar and encapsulated colors in circles.

This is how Microsoft's new Windows 11 Paint will look, with a renewed design and more 3D tools.- Blog Hola Telcel
Photo: Microsoft

There is no official release date yet, as the Windows 11 is still under development, but it is believed that the new design of Paint and the ‘dark mode’ will arrive gradually within the next few months. They will be new functions that you can enjoy, creating unique designs and sharing them thanks to the best Internet that it offers you. Internet in your Telcel House and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Share your Paint creations and drawings on your favorite social networks - Hola Telcel blog

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It should be remembered that on many occasions Microsoft has considered removing Paint from its operating system, but there are still some people who use it, so these next news are just a way to remember how fun it was to use the drawing program in our first computers. 😊

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