Over and out! How to use Telegram’s ‘walkie talkie’ feature

“Hi, over!” “How are you? Over” … how I loved to play with my sister with our walkie talkies from room to room. To revive this function, we tell you how to use Telegram walkie talkie function.

That’s right, without the need for a device like the one we had in our childhood; Only with our mobile phone can we enjoy this function, one of the best that this social network added to interact with our contacts.

how to use Telegram's 'walkie talkie' feature

Telegram Walkie Talkie

Also known as ‘voice chats’ – an improvement for secret chats – this tool makes it easy to record audio on the platform to be able to send messages or listen to those sent to you.

how to use Telegram's 'walkie talkie' feature

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How to activate the function?

To test this feature, you will need to place your mobile device on your ear; just as if you were to make a call. That is, when you move the device to your ear, the audio recording will automatically be enabled to send your messages or listen to the ones you receive; still jumping to another conversation window.

When you take your mobile off your ear, the recording will stop automatically in order to send the new message.

how to use Telegram's 'walkie talkie' feature

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Transform your account into a Walkie Talkie

You also have the possibility to transform your account into a Walkie Talkie by using the Telegram mobile app. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Telegram account
  • Go to the upper left corner, press the icon with the three horizontal lines
  • Select the ‘New group’ option and add the members you like. Then set a name for that group
  • Enter that group and click on its name at the top
  • Next to the icon to edit, the voice chat icon will appear: you must press it to start the Walkie Talkie function
  • In the voice chat window, touch to activate or place the device on your ear as we told you above

how to use Telegram's 'walkie talkie' feature

Why use Telegram’s Walkie Talkie feature?

This function is used to create voice messages more easily, all while taking advantage of the Double Gigas that your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan offers you to navigate with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

With Telegram’s Walkie Talkie function, you have the option of not using the rooms in which they all communicate simultaneously; and instead, communicate through these conversation groups; which resemble a Walkie Talkie channel and not a conventional call.

how to activate voice chats in Telegram

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You already know how to use Telegram’s Walkie Talkie function for more agile and fun voice messages.

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