Our 2021 Laptop Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best For You

So there you are, in the Best Buy laptop section, staring at the most important decision of your life: Which one should I make?

Do you go for low-cost Chromebooks? Pull up Google Translate to decipher the posters next to the Windows machines? Or go to the “Honey, I shrunk the Apple Store” area to see the MacBooks?

No pressure but one wrong move and BAM! You are writing an error for the next three to five years.

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. Plus, I have some good news – it’s a great time to buy a laptop! Rising sales and increased usage driven by our lives of everything from home saw laptop makers finally improve on what has been a fairly stagnant selection.

Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 unveiled in April. It has a beautiful OLED screen and a silent keyboard, so it won’t interrupt your dog’s nap. It also has a very timely video call update: “We responded in real time with changes to the product,” said Hassan Anjum, head of IT products at Samsung Electronics America, explaining that engineers worked to improve the microphones, camera and speakers. .

Source: WSJ

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