Ubuntu Touch OTA-22

I’m sorry, but I must insist on this fact. Ubuntu 16.04 was released in April 2016, and stopped receiving support in April 2021. The touch version of the operating system developed by Canonical was based on that Xenial Xerus, and there was no need to worry too much as long as it was still supported, but it’s been weeks that we are waiting for UBports to release an update based on Focal Fossa. Well, we will have to keep waiting, because today have launched the OTA-22 and they still don’t jump.

Things as they are. No one wants immature software that’s full of bugs, but it’s also not the best of business to use an operating system based on another whose support has already ended. UBports says that they have work ahead, who prefer to tread carefully, but the wait is taking too long. In any case, Ubuntu Touch is an operating system for a minority, and it is understandable that the development team wants to take care of existing users by not risking too much.

Highlights of Ubuntu Touch OTA-22

  • On the Volla Phone they will use the Halium 10 system image. Among other things, that will allow you to use the fingerprint reader.
  • Camera support in the Morph browser, so video calls now work. UBports says that this is the most important novelty of OTA-22.
  • Work has been advanced to make FM radio work on some devices.
  • QQC2 apps now respect the system theme.
  • The lock screen (greeter) has received some improvements, and now allows rotation.
  • Lots of improvements to volume control and sound quality on the Pixel 3a and 3a XL.
  • Port completed for Oneplus 5 and 5T.
  • WebGL has been enabled on most devices.
  • In the call auto-completion app, Dialpad, while you are typing numbers, you will see how contacts appear with numbers that start with what you are dialing. If we see the one we want, we just have to tap on it to start the call.

We are not going to insist that this OTA-22 it is still based on Xenial Xerus, no, just to say that it is already available and problems are still being solved. The next one will be OTA-23, and I hope they continue without making the leap to Focal Fossa. As long as the lyrics are good, we can accept that it goes slowly. We remember that the PinePhone and the PineTab use different numbering for the versions of their operating system.