OPPO smartband with discounted color screen at a great price: 49 euros

The model we are talking about is the Oppo Band Elegant, which has everything you might need tough accessory of this type which makes it one of the best you can buy today. An example is that your 1.1 inch it is in color and how you use a panel AMOLED ensures that the visualization in all kinds of situations is excellent (even outdoors when there is a lot of light). It should be noted of this component that it has a 2.5D finish that is curved on the sides and makes the appearance of the bracelet striking.

Black Oppo Band Elegant Smartband

Another of the good details that you will be able to find in this OPPO smartband is that it has a battery of 100 mAh which is rechargeable by means of a USB adapter and which allows an autonomy that places it among the best you can buy: it reaches the 12 days without many problems as long as the accessory is used regularly. By the way, the finish of the strap of this device is in black and with silicone manufacturing material, so it perfectly withstands day to day (and it is important to note that its button-type closure is quite solvent and you will not have unwanted opening problems).

Do not miss the offer on Amazon

We believe that the promotion that exists in the aforementioned online store is one that you should keep in mind today if you are looking for a new smart bracelet. The reason is none other than a 29% discount With respect to the price that it usually has, so it is simply you have to pay 49 euros to get this device and without having to add anything for the shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account. We leave you the purchase link so that you can do them from home in the case that it is the model you are looking for and you should know that it does not lack compatibility so much with Android as with the operating system ios.

Things that are important in this OPPO smartband

Among those that should be noted is that this striking smart bracelet fits perfectly to be worn when doing sports. The reason is that thanks to the number of sensors it has, among which there is a three axis accelerometer and the heart rate itself, it is able to recognize a large number of physical activities automatically. An example is walking or riding a bike, but it also does the same with options as different as using an elliptical or being in yoga class. Also, do not lack of protection against water 5 atmospheres, so sweat and rain are not a problem.

Oppo Band Elegant smartband sensor

The connectivity of this OPPO smartband to synchronize with the phones is done through Bluetooth, so you will not have any problem in the corresponding process by using the free application that is downloaded in the official stores. In addition, it also includes other functions that are useful on a day-to-day basis, such as reviewing the notifications that reach the phone, control music playback and even reject a call using your screen.

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