OPPO Smartband on offer and free shipping at the best price ever

The product we are talking about is the OPPO Band Sport, and in its name it is quite clear which is the market to which this wearable is aimed. One of the reasons it fits perfectly is that its strap It is highly resistant, since it is manufactured in silicone (And, in addition, it does not give any problem when it comes to allergies). Other good details in this regard is that your endurance It is excellent both against blows and Water, since in the latter case it holds up to five atmospheres … so without problems in the pool or with sweat.

Smartband OPPO Band Sport in black color

Something that is always important in accessories that use Bluetooth technology, such as this OPPO smartband (in this case to synchronize with both iOS and Android phones), is everything that has to do with autonomy. Here the accessory that is in promotion has a battery that allows you to use it for 12 days without having to resort to a plug. This is a very good brand, and it ensures that if you go on a sports getaway weekend you will not have to carry the USB cable – which includes a magnetic element – and which is used for recharging.

Offer not to be missed

To date I have never seen this device with a discount above 5%, but right now on Amazon you can take advantage of one that reaches twelve so you have to pay is only 43 euros… A most convincing figure for a high-quality smart bracelet that is ideal for sports. We leave the link that you must use if you want to take advantage of this opportunity and where nor you will have to pay nothing for the shipping costs in case you have a Prime account. It is as follows:

Important things to know about this OPPO smartband

The first thing is that this is a model that has 1.1 inch color screen. This allows you to see all kinds of information, such as the time or progress you have while training. In an excellent way and with great detail. Besides, the number of functions offered by this model is very wide, since among other things you can from review notifications that arrive at the phone to which it is synchronized, going through the use of the daily alarm, to checking the weather in the place where it is (it changes the data automatically if you move from one place to another).

OPPO Band Sport smartband screen

Finally, it should be noted that there is very good news when it comes to detecting the physical activities you do. We say this, since it is capable of detecting up to 12 kinds of exercises automatically, something that makes it tremendously useful, since you do not have to constantly indicate what you do in the gym or when you go out to practice sports. By the way, if u weight below 50 grams ensures that nothing bothers you when you use it while running or on a day-to-day basis, since it is practically priceless to wear it.

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