Oppo presents its alternative to MagSafe


Oppo also enters the magnetic wireless charging market with its MagVOOC technology that promises a power of 40W

Along with the presentation of the iPhone 12, Manzana surprised with his MagSafe. Now this product has been copied by other manufacturers, such is the case of Oppo who presented his alternative called MagVOOC.

This line consists of two 20w and 40w wireless chargers, as well as one Extreme battery. These fit on the back of the equipment using magnets.

At the moment it is unknown which will be the smartphones compatible with MagVOOC, but it is speculated that like Manzana arrive for the high-end of Oppo.

However, the chargers have the Qi standard, so other terminals of the brand compatible with wireless charging could be adapted with these elements.

External battery MagVOOC It has a capacity of 4,500 mAh and can charge with a power of up to 20W. It is also capable of supplying power to other accessories such as smartwatches or headphones.

It has a USB-C port that allows cable charging, which reduces its maximum power to 10W.


Another element that resembles those presented by Manzana It is the 20W wireless charger. “This device is similar to a sticker and similar to the Realme MagDart system, only it is lighter and thinner”


What’s more Oppo presented a magnetic Stand that allows charging compatible devices with a power of up to 40W.

With its power, a 4,000 mAh terminal could be charged in just under an hour.


So far it is unknown when Oppo could launch your series MagVOOC, although its three devices are already in process.

The leaker Digital Chat Station mentions that for now Oppo It has no plans for mass production of these devices.

It should be remembered that it is the third brand to launch this type of equipment, Manzana was the first, while Realme introduced its system MagDart.

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