OPPO organizes its event in the metaverse


OPPO held its first event in the metaverse. It was a celebration full of incredible innovations in a completely interactive world.

December 14 and 15 OPPO held its first event in the metaverse. The INNO WORLD DAY, is held every year in China in person and also virtually.

At this event the company presents its technological innovations, both those that are focused on smartphones and those that cover other market segments.

Unlike other years the INNO WORLD DAY 2021 it was a completely interactive event. Users were able to share together, explore the huge virtual universe, and discover new things with their friends.

INNO WORLD DAY 2021 goal

With the theme ‘Reimaging the Future’, the event included a news-packed keynote address by founder and CEO Tony Chen, announcing the new ‘Inspiration Ahead’ brand proposition, which is based on user experience.

People were able to personalize their acatars and in this way be able to explore the metaverse. It was an innovative event since thousands of people were able to meet virtually.

At INNO WORLD DAY 2021 the OPPO news, which are expected to hit the market in the coming months.

The event featured keynotes where the new in technology and OPPO’s portfolio were described.

Through the INNO WORLD platform, users were able to explore various galleries where the latest OPPO technological advances were shown.

OPPO presents great technological innovations

One of the most anticipated advances of the INNO WORLD DAY 2021 it was OPPO’s retractable camera that doesn’t stick out of the body when not in use.


The company’s idea is to prevent smartphones from wobbling when placed on the side of the camera on a flat surface.

This means that it hides the bulge on the lenses. In addition to that this technology will also protect the lens itself from possible blows.

OPPO also presented its first folding smartphone, Oppo Find N. Your first state-of-the-art imaging NPU: MariSilicon X.

Besides of Oppo Air Glass, aR (assisted reality) device. “The Oppo Renovators Emerging Artists Project has also been added, showcasing innovative artwork by young artists from around the world.”

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