Oppo Enco X headphones with an irresistible offer and no shipping costs

The exact model we are talking about are the OPPO Enco X, which are possibly the best currently offered by the Asian company. Some of the great virtues that you will find in this accessory, which does not offer any cable to access the sound source or among the elements that make up the product, is the inclusion of Noise Cancellation so that nothing bothers you while you are listening to music and some magnetic membrane drivers that ensure that the definition is excellent and that no matter how high the volume is, you will not notice any distortion.

Oppo Enco X headphones in black color

Other things that we want to highlight and that can make you decide to buy these OPPO headphones is that they have autonomy that is among the best of all the wireless headphones on the market. And this makes you stand out from the competition. The fact is that you will be able to use without looking for any plug for a time of 25 hours the product we are talking about, an excellent brand that is achieved among other things because it includes a cover in which a battery is integrated. In addition, in everything that has to do with the charging process there are other details that are as important as they are fundamental: on the one hand, the port uses two USB type C and, on the other, this is one of the models that allows you to use wireless charging. An excellent detail this.

Options that are important in this product

One of those that should not be overlooked is that they can be used in all kinds of situations, such as when you are going to train at the gym. This is because they include protection against water, so there will be no problem with the usual sweat that appears when you are doing a circuit or if you want to wear them when you take a shower at the end of your work. Also worth noting is it includes a set of microphones that makes it possible to answer calls with high quality and also using Noise Cancellation, so if a car passes by you or the subway, it will not bother your interlocutor.

Oppo Enco X earphone case

Offer for these OPPO headphones

This is the first time that we have seen on Amazon the possibility of buying the product we are talking about with a discount that exceeds 5% (specifically it is eleven%). This means that you have to pay less than 160 euros for a complete wireless headset that does not lack a excellent design that is careful both in the manufacturing material and in its ergonomics. We say this because each sound element weighs less than five grams and they do not lack a silicone tip for an excellent in-ear fit. This is the link that you have to use to buy them and pay nothing for shipping costs if you have a Prime account:

Thanks to the use of technology Bluetooth 5.2 To establish the synchronization with the sound source, you will have no problem synchronizing from computers to mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems without any difficulty in doing so. The truth is that due to the great quality it offers in all sections, such as sound, since the sensitivity they have is 104 dB, we recommend that you do not miss this opportunity that we will see to see if it reappears.

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