OPPO Enco X headphones on offer with wide autonomy and good design

This is an accessory that competes face to face with Apple AirPods, so we are talking about headphones that they do not use any cable neither to be connected between them nor to access the sound source (which can be both a computer and a telephone, as long as this is compatible with the technology Bluetooth). Aesthetically, this is a device that is quite striking, since it has shapes that allow it, and it also does not lack some silicone tips in different sizes that ensure an excellent firmness that will prevent them from moving or falling when you walk.

OPPO Enco X headphones in black color

Many possibilities that make them recommendable

A good example of what we say is that these OPPO Enco X on sale fit perfectly when it comes to wearing them when you do sports, either outdoors or in the gym. Two of the great reasons for saying this is that the weight of each of the sound elements is below six grams and, in addition, they also include waterproof and dust, as they are compliant with the IP54 standard. So if you get caught in the rain while going for a run, you won’t have to fear for anything.

We also want to emphasize that this product is one of the best when it comes to the autonomy they offer. The inclusion of a 535 mAh battery in its case Transportation is the biggest reason for saying this, since they prevent you from having to regularly look for a plug so as not to be stranded at the worst moment. The fact is that you can get more than 24 hours of continuous use, so we are talking about an ideal accessory for those who travel a lot or like to spend a lot of time away from home. These helmets are excellent here, since they also have wireless charging.

OPPO Enco X case

Get the OPPO Enco X on sale

The promotion we are talking about is available in the Amazon store, which is all life insurance in terms of reliability. With a 31% discount, which allows you to save no less than 55.87 euros, you can make the purchase in both white and black to fit what you need. In addition, if you have a Prime account you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs and you receive the product the next day. The truth is that it is an excellent possibility, since, among other things, this is an accessory that allows the management of reproduction is through the use of gestures.

Before concluding it is important to comment that these are headphones that have good characteristics in what has to do with sound quality, since for example they include active noise cancellation That prevents what if this around bothering you to listen to music. In addition, they are capable of managing a wide spectrum of frequencies, which ensures high precision in all kinds of situations. Technology compatible True Wireless We believe that the existing opportunity is good enough not to miss it under any circumstances.

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