OpenToonz 1.5 has already been released and these are its most important changes

The OpenToonz 1.5 project release has been published in which new brushes have been added, as well as new options within the user interface, improvements to it, new tools have been added, among other things.

For those who are still unfamiliar with OpenToonz, you should know that this is a software that continues with the development of the source code from the professional 2D animation package Toonz, which has been used in production from some renowned cartoon series such as Futurama and even in the movie from Batman “Batman Ninja” which was produced by Warner Bros. Japan and Japanese tech firm Dwango, among other Oscar-nominated cartoons.

OpenToonz belongs to a family of 2D animation software and the base application is being developed by Dwango as open source software under the name OpenToonz.

Which is an extended commercial variant for professionals and professional studios, Toonz Premium, is being developed and marketed by Digital Video SpA. Digital Video also developed programs like StoryPlanner, a set of tools focused on creating storyboards with graphic and textual information.

Linetest, a 2D animation software for pencil and TAB animation tests, a 2D animation software used to create animations for the Web and Broadcast. Toonz is used by many studios around the world, including Studio Ghibli and Rough Draft Studios.

OpenToonz also supports connecting plugins with effects implemented using machine learning technologies; For example, by using effects, you can automatically change the image style and simulate distorted incident light, as in cartoons shot with classic technologies used before the advent of Digital Creation Packs Animation.

Main new features of OpenToonz 1.5

In this new version presented a of the main novelties is he added support for the FreeBSD platform.

As for the related changes within the application, we can find whate animation tool has been simplified, Besides that added a new set of brushes Aotz MyPaint (Sketch, Ink, Fill, Clouds, Water, Grass, Leaves, Skin, Eraser) and a function to write and reload the color separation settings.

Another change that is presented in OpenToonz 1.5 are the new options and one of them allows you to snap to control point editor and Freehand mode has been implemented, while the other option is an hTool to convert images to vector format to align the edges of the hatching.

We can also find that new effects have been added: Bloom Iwa Fx, Fractal Noise Iwa Fx and Glare Iwa Fx, in addition to a search bar has been added to the Effects Explorer.

Of the other changes that stand out from this new version:

  • Added support for snapping to intersection points in the cropping tool.
  • Added a new segment cleanup mode and the ability to select a range of frames to apply.
  • Added a tool to draw shapes with multiple arcs.
  • A gauge was added to monitor the horizontal level.
  • Implemented the ability to customize the location of a panel with a color palette.
  • Updated dialog with render settings.
  • A button to create a new style has been added in the style editor.
  • Replaced all icons in the settings section and updated icons for all commands.

How to install OpenToonz on Ubuntu and derivatives?

For those who are interested in being able to install this tool on their systems, they can do so in the following way.

The easiest way to obtain this application without compiling its source code is installing from Snap packages.

Where we are only going to open a terminal and in it type:

sudo snap install opentoonz

Another way we have is with the help of Flatpak packages, we only have to have the support of this in our system to install applications of this type.

In a terminal we will have to type:

flatpak install flathub io.github.OpenToonz

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