Opensignal recognizes Telcel as the best mobile network and experience in Mexico

Every six months Opensignal, a company dedicated to evaluating and quantifying the experience of mobile networks in the country, produces a report in which the service of each of the Mexican companies is rated. On this occasion, Telcel is once again recognized as the winner, the best network in Mexico by leading four of the seven categories evaluated.

elcel is once again recognized as the winner, the best network in Mexico by leading four of the seven evaluated categories of Opensignal.- Blog Hola Telcel

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As happened in October 2020 and April 2021, Telcel obtained the best marks in these categories: 4G coverage, Download speed, Upload speed and Video experience. However, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce and the company continues to work on providing the best Network with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Telcel managed to position itself as the winner of four categories

In the first place, Telcel achieved a high score in Download Speed, because according to Opensignal’s report, users enjoy up to 30.4 Mbps, the highest speed in Mexico. On the other hand, as far as upload speed is concerned, Telcel also dominates for the second consecutive year, having 11.8 Mbps.

In Video Experience, Telcel was the winner for the fifth time in a row, obtaining a rating of 66.9. In addition, Telcel’s network also obtained good marks in some other categories, such as Gaming experience, Voice application experience and 4G coverage, in which it was positioned as a leader with a score of 7.7.

#TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed

Opensignal’s semi-annual report is just one more sample that Telcel is seeking to satisfy the needs of its thousands of users throughout Mexico; uniting families, friends and co-workers through your network. Its goal is always to provide the best connectivity for experiences in videos, games, applications and all kinds of multimedia content.

Thanks to the best Telcel network in Mexico, thousands of families communicate daily - Hello Telcel blog

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If you want to know more about the Opensignal report, you can visit the following link and discover the qualities that Telcel obtained during the last six months. In addition, you will be able to find much more information about the semi-annual reports that the company makes on the networks that operate around the world. 😉

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