Only 10 euros for this Xiaomi LCD tablet with great battery

What was previously noted with a piece of paper on a sheet, can also be done with this Xiaomi LCD tablet. We are facing a product that can be very useful for many users, which they take notes, jot down ideas or just want to unleash their creativity. The good news is that we find it right now with a significant discount on all its size variants.

lcd xiaomi tablet on a table

Battery lasts one year

As we say, this Xiaomi LCD tablet allows painting or record a moment of inspiration. Its technology is formed by an LCD screen that adopts a custom liquid crystal film formula, blue-green handwriting. It integrates highly sensitive pressure sensing technology, so the thickness of handwriting changes with force. We are facing a tablet that is perfect for drawing given the great precision that can be achieved.

This tablet is extremely light and thin. It is also accompanied by a Ultra-light magnetic stylus for convenient storage. This pencil of only 7 grams, is stored on the right side by means of a magnet system, so it will be more difficult to lose it. However, one of the strongest and most impressive points of this Xiaomi tablet is its autonomy. With a low-power panel, LCD only needs a small amount of power when erasing. If we were to erase the screen around 100 times a day, its estimated autonomy is a full year.

lcd xiaomi tablet

It is important to note that the concept of this product is one of temporary annotations or drafts. When we press the central button, the screen will be erased, for that reason it has a side button to block possible accidental deletion. However, in order to have space for larger annotations, Xiaomi offers this tablet in sizes of 10, 13.5 and 20 inches. This last size is perfect for all kinds of projects, drawings or even use it as a whiteboard for work meetings.

A ridiculous price

This is an extremely cheap product for what it offers, in case you find the right utility for it. The 10-inch version falls from 18 euros at 10 euros. For its part, the version of 13.5 inches is now priced at 21.81 euros instead of 33 euros, while the larger version, with 20 inches, is priced at 29.36 euros instead of the more than 50 euros that it usually costs. This is a perfect gadget for personal use, but without a doubt it is also perfect for making an inexpensive and very striking gift. It should be noted that we are facing a temporary flash offer, so they will be back at their original price very soon.

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