On which phones will WhatsApp no ​​longer work as of May 15?

WhatsApp it is one of the most important tools to keep us in touch at all times and in any place. It is the most used instant messaging app in the world and will soon stop working on some phones. Here we explain which ones and the reasons for it.

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What will happen on May 15 with the phones that do not accept the new policies?

From May 15, 2021, WhatsApp will start rolling out its new security and privacy policies announced earlier this year. Then, phones that have not accepted the new rules of the platform will no longer be able to use the app.

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So that no user presents problems in their account, the same application has sent reminders about the privacy conditions, so that users can change them, accept them and not be left without the service.

However, those users who do not accept the new terms will not lose their account, but it will be limited. For example, they will no longer be able to receive calls or messages, as well as send them.

WhatsApp new security policies, what they are about, security and privacy

What are the new WhatsApp security policies?

Since January, WhatsApp reported that within its new security and privacy policies, the application would share certain data with Facebook, to improve the user experience in WhatsApp Business and purchases through the application. Of course, many did not like the idea and began to use other alternatives such as Telegram or Signal.

The truth is that WhatsApp has confirmed on several occasions that the personal data of each user is protected, and that the idea of ​​sharing information with Facebook is to improve the business of each application.

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Which phones will run out of WhatsApp in 2022?

On the other hand, and external to what will happen on May 15, there are some Android and iOS phones that, due to their operating system, will no longer be able to use WhatsApp as of 2022.

In the case of AndroidThose with an operating system prior to version 4.0.3 will no longer be compatible with new application updates. Among them are:

– Samsung Galaxy s3
– Samsung Galaxy s4
– Galaxy Nexus
– Xperia S

In the case of ios, the WhatsApp website indicates that iPhones that work with iOS 9 onwards will continue to receive platform updates, while previous versions of the operating system will no longer have the same functionality.

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