On sale Xiaomi accessories that make a great Christmas gift

One of the things that you will surely like in the Xiaomi devices that we are going to show is that all of them can be buy quietly from home, since they are available in different online stores (but all of them are highly reliable). In addition, we have looked for options that are cheap so that the gift does not involve a great expense without you having doubts that you get a product that is of good quality and that you have all the necessary guarantees in its operation.

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Xiaomi products on offer for Christmas

These are the options that we believe can be a good purchase option to look great before the arrival of Christmas gifts:

Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank

This external battery has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, so it is quite useful to avoid being stranded with the phone or tablet, and right now you can save 18% on the price it usually has. White in color and with quite small dimensions, it includes two USB ports to be able to use two devices at the same time without problems.

Redmi Power Bank

Xiaomi Band 5

One of the best options you can find, since it offers an excellent quality / price ratio, and therefore is one of the best valued products of the Asian firm. Right now you can get this wearable accessory that has a color screen and that allows precise monitoring of physical activity with a 25% discount. By the way, it offers great resistance to water.

Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 5 black

Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2

If the idea you have is to buy Bluetooth headphones, these that are independent are one of the options that you should assess. At almost half the price, right now, they have no shipping costs and are compatible with True Wireless technology. Its autonomy thanks to the battery in its carrying case reaches 14 hours, which is quite positive.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots 2 SE earphones with case

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale

A smart scale that connects to smartphones to keep track of everything to do with your fitness, from weight to body mass index (BMI). It uses four electrodes to work that are precise and its design is quite attractive. It has no problems with water. Now you can save 33%.

Xiaomi smart scale

Xiaomi MDY-12-EN

A vertical wireless charger that offers great compatibility, as it uses Qi technology, which is what has become a standard. Its power is 55W, so it always gives the maximum, and it does not lack a lot of protection options so that the phone is never put in danger. Your discount is 67%.

Xiaomi MDY-12-EN charger

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