Ohio State Senator Spotted on Zoom and Driving

A state senator in Ohio could have fooled anyone who saw a state board meeting this week into thinking he was attending from home if it weren’t for one thing: the seat belt across his chest.

Furthermore, at one point he turned his head to look over both shoulders in what appeared to be an attempt to change lanes safely within his home office.

In footage from the meeting, which was broadcast live Monday, Senator Andrew Brenner first appeared in a parked car. Within minutes of the call, Mr. Brenner moved his phone, left the meeting for a moment, then reappeared and changed his background to make it look like he was sitting in a home office, surrounded by brown cabinets, a houseplant and hanging. artwork.

But on his chest, a dark gray seat belt stood out against his dress shirt.

As he drove, Mr. Brenner, a Republican representing an area north of Columbus, seemed to keep his eyes straight ahead as he listened to and answered questions from members of the state Board of Control, a body of elected officials who make adjustments. to the state budget.

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