Official controller for Nintendo Switch on sale and with free shipping

It is true that those included by default in the Nintendo product are quite good in general, but in games that are long they can make you a little tired and with discomfort in the wrist and fingers. And, this is one of the things that does not happen with the accessory that is currently being promoted on eBay, which is the Pro-Controller, which is official for the console and is quite similar to what both Xbox and PlayStation offer in what has to do with the shape and distribution of the buttons. Therefore, it is much more traditional.

Playing with the Nintendo Switch

One of the things you should keep in mind about this model is that the compatibility it offers is excellent, since this official command for Nintendo Switch on sale can be used with any model of the console we are talking about and, obviously, the games do not show any incompatibility. So you just have to sync it as it doesn’t need any cable to work as it is wireless. But, additionally, this accessory has a USB Cable that allows to recharge it and, also, to use it in an advanced way, since it is connected to the base when using the TV mode.

Get the official controller for Nintendo Switch on sale

If this is the accessory you were looking for to use with your console, either at home or away from it, right now you can take advantage of a 15% discount, so you only have to pay 58.90 euros to get it (and, for a limited time, you don’t have to add anything for shipping costs). The truth is that this is one of the most interesting controls for Nintendo Switch that there is right now to improve the user experience, and among other things it has NFC which allows to take full advantage of all the existing options in the games that are used with the product of the Japanese company.

Important things about this accessory

To start with, it is compatible with a large number of accessories that make it possible to improve the use of the remote, such as adapters that go on the buttons to make them more accessible or some elements that are added to the ends and that make it more comfortable to use for long periods. gaming sessions. By the way, the color of this model is black, so nothing is out of tune when it is on top of the living room furniture. A nice additional detail is that the weight of this product is below 300 grams, so it fits well so you never get tired of enjoying Fortnite.

Nintendo Pro-Controller controller

With a large number of buttons and crosses So that you always get the best response in games, this official Nintendo Switch controller on sale is an excellent purchase option, since it has a very low price.

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