Offers on gaming keyboards now with an interesting discount

Among them, we can find mechanical keyboards with great precision, anti-ghost keys, backlit and made of different materials such as high-quality plastic or even metal. In this way, you can choose the one that best suits your needs, tastes or budget.

Gaming keyboards with an interesting discount

Corsair K65

Mechanical gaming keyboard with an anodized brushed aluminum metal structure of aerospace quality that gives it great resistance. It allows you to type at high speed in the most effective way possible with the protection against zero keystrokes, as well as to use macro programming and different lighting effects. A keyboard that combines speed, quality and resistance in equal parts whose official price is 149.99 euros and that we can get now on sale for 99.99 euros.

Corsari K65 gaming keyboard


Mechanical gaming keyboard, wired backlit and USB Type-C port with a 61-key compact form factor and offering the ability to copy the function of the FN key to use key combinations or shortcuts to certain functions. It is a model that offers great resistance to water and other liquids and offers high resistance to wear. The original price is 69.99 euros, but we can buy it now on sale for 59.49 euros.

DK61E gaming keyboard


For those looking for a slightly cheaper gaming keyboard, we also find this AUKEY model now on offer with a discount of nothing more and nothing less than 28%. A keyboard whose official price is 49.99 euros and that we can get now for only 35.99 euros. It is a mechanical keyboard model with customizable RGB backlighting, 100% anti-ghosting and keys with a layout in Spanish with a metal panel.

AUKEY gaming keyboard


This NIUMBCP JK900 keyboard is a gaming keyboard with built-in wrist rest that facilitates the correct position of our hands and arms to avoid pain and injuries due to prolonged use. Offers up to 9 light effects, brightness and speed adjustment, and breathing mode. It has a metal panel on which the mechanical keyboard sits with a response time of 1 ms. The original price of this model is 56.72 euros, but now we can buy it for 47.41 euros.

BIUBCP JK900 gaming keyboard


Finally we want to highlight this other Magic Refiner mechanical keyboard. A mechanical keyboard specially designed for gaming with anti-ghosting keys that has a fairly ergonomic design to avoid fatigue or the typical injuries of using the keyboard for many consecutive hours and keep the hand and arm in an incorrect position. A keyboard whose original price is 56.30 euros and that we can get now on sale for 40.51 euros.

Gaming magic refiner keyboard

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