Offer Xiaomi Headphones type AirPods very discounted

In this sense, Xiaomi has several models of this type, being the Xiaomi Air 2 SE one of the best sellers. It is about TWS in-ear headphones With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for a great quality and stable connection.

Great design and autonomy for the whole day

A model with two built-in microphones that allow us to use them in a hands-free mode to answer or make calls through the mobile phone and that is also capable of reducing or canceling outside noise to avoid all kinds of interference. Two buses with which it is also possible to access the voice assistants of our terminal and request help from Google or Siri through them.

xiaomi air 2 SE headphones white

In short, totally wireless headphones with which we can live a very good and quality sound experience for a very affordable price. In addition, these Xiaomi Air 2 SE offer great autonomy, up to 20 hours on a full charge. The headphones have their own battery, which offer an autonomy of about 5 hours, but thanks to the battery that the case has, we can extend its use up to 20 hours.

Its reduced weight, design and battery, means that we can use them throughout the day without problems and without feeling that we are wearing them. And is that each headset has a weight of only 4.7 grams. They also have a touch control for gesture use and a sensor that detects if we take them off, in which case the playback will be paused. As we indicated previously, they have an In Ear form factor and an ergonomic design that adapts perfectly to our ears to offer a fairly stable and comfortable wearing experience.

Xiaomi Air 2 SE with more than 40% discount

These Xiaomi Air 2 SE headphones have an official price of about 40 euros, however, now it is possible to get them with an interesting discount. Specifically, in Gearbest it is possible to get them with an incredible 42% discount, which means a saving of more than 16 euros on its original price.

xiaomi air 2 se earphones with case

In this way, we can buy the Xiaomi Air 2 SE at a final price of 22.89 euros. A price to which we must add the shipping costs to Spain, which this time are 4.41 euros. The estimated delivery time is between 15 and 60 days. The model on sale is available in white and there are no other colors available.

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