Offer to buy three Amazon eero routers now without shipping costs

The promotion we are talking about allows you to buy three units of this router that has several virtues such as a design that is the most striking and that allows it to not clash in practically any place where you want to place. The fact is that right now in the well-known online store you can take advantage of 30% off… A really interesting amount with which you will save no less than 78 euros. We leave you the link that you must use to make the purchase from home and, if you have a Prime account, you can benefit from the not having to pay anything for shipping costs.

Virtues that Amazon eero has

One of the things that most attracts the attention of this accessory is that its installation process is really simple, since you simply have to use an application (available for iOS and Android) that guides you step by step so that you do not fail at the time to set all the parameters you have to use. In addition, the compatibility with all the providers that exist in Spain is complete, so it can be said that it is simply plug and play.

Amazon eero installation

Apart from what we have commented, it is important to know when including the Amazon eero pack three, that they connect with each other without using any cable, since they use wireless technology, you will be able to achieve a total coverage of up to 460 meters squares. Therefore, it is practically certain that you will say goodbye to the problems of coverage that you may have in your house for many plants that it has. Something that we think is very important is that this is a model that offers voice assistant compatibility Alexa from Amazon natively, which ensures you can manage all the compatible devices you have at home quickly and safely.

Features of this product

With options that are essential to be a good solution in all kinds of situations, it should be noted that WiFi compatibility is wide, since it allows you to use both 2.4 like 5 GHz. In this way, you can always use the advanced option that suits you best and you will not have any problem when using accessories that are controlled via the Internet (such as robot vacuum cleaners). In addition, it is also important to comment that in the security section you will not have any problem, since among other things this device supports encryption WPA2.

Amazon eero white

With all that we have said, the attractiveness of this product is beyond any doubt, especially considering the offer that exists to buy it at the moment, but it includes some additional options that increase its usability. An example is the TrueMesh technology that intelligently allows you to manage the traffic you have connected. And, this is done very efficiently because the interior has quite powerful hardware considering that we are talking about a router: 700 MHz processor and 512 MB RAM.

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