Offer to buy the Xiaomi Mi Watch at one of its best prices

This is a model that has enough virtues to become the perfect answer to the demands you have. An example of what we say is that the connectivity section not only includes Bluetooth 5.0… Which allows it to be compatible with both iOS and Android by using a free application that is downloaded from official stores. Apart from the one indicated you can also enjoy Wifi to access the Internet independently because it is synchronized and even does not lack GPS so that everything that has to do with taking physical activity data is achieved with greater precision (it should be noted that it recognizes more than 100 exercises automatically).

Side of the Xiaomi Mi Watch

Another detail that we believe is important to assess in the Xiaomi Mi Watch is that it has a quite large number of sensors, which allows it to be a good solution as a companion when it comes to sports, whether when you go for a run or simply in the gym. Some of the productions that are remarkable and you should keep in mind is that this device has an accelerometer; barometer; compass; and even with the usual heart rate that allows from knowing the quality of sleep to knowing the level of oxygen in the blood (come on, what does oximeter).

A great offer for the Xiaomi Mi Watch

You will find them today on Amazon, so you can carry out the entire purchase process calmly from home and with high reliability. The point is that the existing discount is 15%, so you only have to pay 110.40 euros. We are talking about a fairly sensible figure and that surely makes you consider buying this accessory so as not to miss the opportunity. Weighing 32 grams and without having to pay anything in terms of shipping costs if you have a Prime account, we leave you the link that you have to use to take advantage of a promotion that we believe is very striking.

Good possibilities in this smartwatch

One of those that is positive in this accessory we are talking about is that the battery that the smartwatch has has an amperage of 420 mAh, so it does not disappoint when it comes to autonomy, which comes without any problem to the 10 days of use in the case of having the GPS that we have mentioned before active in a specific way. In addition, the AMOLED screen that includes that has 1.39 inch, this is circular which makes it attractive and has a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, which ensures excellent quality when displaying information at all times.

Xiaomi Smartwatch

With proprietary operating system which includes everything that is usually needed in a product of this type, it should be noted that the included strap can be changed without any problem in the Xiaomi Mi Watch, which allows you to modify the appearance it has of simple way. The truth is that the existing offer is one that you have to take advantage of to get one of the best smartwatches on the market.

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