Offer to buy the Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector at a great price

This is a model that covers practically all the needs that a product of this type must cover. An example of what we say is that the resolution it offers when reproducing content is Full HD (1080p). Therefore, it complies without the slightest problem when it comes to enjoying content from cloud platforms of the videos that are recorded with the cameras of current phones. In addition, it has excellent compatibility virtue with HDR10, so you can be sure that the colors it is capable of rendering have a wide dynamic range. And, all this, as a whole, ensures great quality.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector white

Other good details in what has to do with content playback also have to do with sound, since this Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector is compatible with Dolby allowing you to connect it to a speaker system that also allows this possibility to get the most out of it. Additionally, it should be known that the autofocus that the product offers is quite efficient due to its high speed, which is always appreciated, since there are not many projectors that behave efficiently in this section.

Great offer for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector

The truth is that it is a bargain to buy this device at the moment in the Amazon store, since it has a 36% discount which means an effective saving of 254 euros. An outrage for a projector of its quality. In addition, if you have a Prime account you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs and you receive the product the day after your purchase. Pure Amazon service. We leave you the link that you have to use so as not to miss the opportunity to buy this model that allows you to enjoy a screen with maximum dimensions of up to 120 inch.

An excellent operating system

We say this because inside it includes Android TV 9.0 (with MIUI customization), the development created by Google for televisions and that this projector fits like a glove. With it, it is possible to install a good number of applications that allow you to get the most out of the product we are talking about, which gives it a flexibility that other models on the market do not allow. The hardware you have to use this development is the following:

  • Amlogic T968-H processor
  • 2 GB RAM memory type DDR3
  • 8 GB onboard storage

Rear dek Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector

With all that we have indicated and taking into account that the connectivity offered by this Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector is very wide (since for example it does not lack output HDMI or internet access through Wifi), it is clear that this projector that has God silent ventilation system and that works intelligently, right now is a great purchase option.

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