Offer to buy an Android player with a great discount

The product we are talking about uses the Google operating system inside to manage everything that is multimedia content that can be enjoyed on the Smart TV to which you connect through the use of a port HDMI 2.0. One of the best details that this accessory offers is that you will be able to use resolutions 4K Without the slightest problem, so both the videos that you have recorded and those of cloud platforms, if you have the appropriate account, you will always see them at the highest possible quality offered by the TV in your living room. And, all this, accompanied by a good sound, since there is compatibility with DTS.

TUREWELL Android Player Layout

The design offered by this product is quite attractive and, in addition, it has dimensions that are small enough to always find a place in any piece of furniture (these are 22.6 x 129.3 x 81.3 cm). Besides, we believe that it is important to comment that this Android player does not lack a remote control that allows you to navigate both the user interface that it offers to run the applications that you have installed and when it comes to managing active reproductions, this being a good detail, since it adds some simple to use that would otherwise be very complicated to use. get.

A hardware that does everything very well

The truth is that this is one of the sections in which the device we are talking about stands out, since among other things it ensures even a good scaling of the images so that they always become 4K. Thus, for example, the processor it integrates is quad core with Cortex-A53 architecture that ensures more than enough power so that games are not even a problem (for this it is also important to indicate that it has a Mali-T720MP2 GPU). In addition, in the section of the RAM you’ll find 4GB which are more than enough and after storage that reaches 32 gigabytes, which is more than enough for all kinds of uses.

USB on an Android player

Discount for this Android player

If what you have read convinces you, surely when you know that right now on Amazon you have a 15% discount to get this product, your interest increases considerably. The fact is that you only have to pay 33.99 euros right now for a model that has Android 9.0 and that does not lack connectivity that allows you to use both pendrives and external drives in which you have different content and enjoying a performance more than suitable even with the highest resolution options. This is the link that you have to use to make the purchase and where you do not have to pay anything for shipping if you have a Prime account.

Finally, it should be noted that this device does not lack wireless options, among which is Wifi to access the Internet and enjoy all kinds of streaming content and also has Bluetooth which allows the connection of accessories in this complete player such as game controllers.

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