Offer to buy a Joycon Set on Amazon without shipping costs

The model that is in promotion is the one with colors Red and blue, so it fits perfectly with the design of the well-known console we are talking about, and they are practically identical to those that come by default on the device itself. You will not have any difficulty for now to place it on the sides of the Switch, since the anchoring system is absolutely compatible And, therefore, that type of use you will be able to take advantage of without the slightest problem.

Joycon Set Controller

By the way, to make the most of the games you play anywhere, this is a device that has the system of HD vibration typical of the Nintendo console we are talking about. Therefore, the effects that are achieved when using it you will be able to enjoy them with this new product, since the support is total without having to do absolutely anything in relation to the configuration.

How to get the controls on sale

Well, the truth is that it is very comfortable to make the purchase, since because it is in the Amazon store you can complete the process quietly from home with a computer or mobile device. The fact is that the existing promotion allows you save you 36% of what you would usually have to pay to get the product we are talking about, which leaves the final price of the Joycon Set at only 51.19 euros. A more than competitive price for an excellent Nintendo Switch accessory. We leave you below the link that you have to use so as not to lose the existing opportunity where you will not have to pay nothing for shipping if you have a Prime account.

Important things in the Joycon Set

One of them is that it maintains the small dimensions and low weight that this accessory has to be able to use it independently without disturbing anything at all. In the first case we talk about 1 4 x 12 x 4.2 cm each of the two units, and in the second of less than 185 grams. Therefore, the manipulation is quite comfortable, since, apart from this, the access to all the buttons that it includes including the sticks, It is quite simple, since with the thumb you can reach practically any place on the remote (and, by the way, it does not lack the capture button so useful for many users).

Joycon in hands

Apart from what is indicated there are some details that are important to know because they are quite positive. An example is that it does not lack straps that are placed on the wrists to make sure that none of the elements that make up the Joycon Set go off when you are playing, even if you make sudden movements. In addition, communication wireless It works perfectly and, therefore, cable ties are not exactly going to be a problem when using this accessory that right now has a simply and simply unrepeatable price.

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