Offer to buy a DJI Osmo Mobile 4 gimbal at a great discount

One of the things that should always be taken into account in these products is the compatibility it offers with the different smartphones on the market. The one allowed by this model ensures that devices that have a weight of up to 230 grams and a maximum thickness of 10 millimeters (Regarding the width, the model you use should not exceed 84 mm) it works without the slightest problem. That is, which teams that have a screen of more than 6.5 inches will enjoy the benefits of this DJI Osmo Mobile 4.

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 gimbal white color

Finished in white and with a very novel hooking system, since it is magnetic and different elements can be used to make the mooring that is made on the phones more or less visible, it should be noted in relation to the autonomy that this equipment includes inside a rechargeable battery of 2,450 mAh that allows continuous uses over five hours without any problem. This places it as one of the best on the market, and a nice additional detail is that it recharges through the use of a port. USB type C and that has an output of a type A connection to connect accessories that need power supply.

Stabilization options on the DJI Osmo Mobile 4

A good detail that makes it clear that the quality of this model is very good is that it is capable of control movements of up to 120 degrees per second, a very high efficiency and that is sure to be appreciated in situations where, for example, you want to record action sports. In what has to do with the mechanical range, here the most interesting thing is the rotation reaches 198 degrees and the inclination at 235.5, so it is practically impossible that there is a situation in which the use cannot be adjusted. of this stabilizer. By the way, the lower part of the handle is not missing one that allows the use of accessories such as a tripod.

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 docking system

A significant discount for this stabilizer

At this time there are two good news in this section, the first being that right now you can save 10% compared to the price it usually has. This is a very good brand strip of the best promotions that have been seen to date of this model that has not been on the market for long. If you are interested in this complete gimbal, you should also know that right now you can buy it from home without having to pay nothing for shipping for a limited time, so we think it is a very good idea not to miss the opportunity to get this model that does not lack different controls on its grip.

Before concluding we believe that it is important to indicate that the connectivity with the phones with which this DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is used is Bluetooth, so you will not have a problem in terms of compatibility, since you can use the stabilizer that we talk so much about with devices ios like those that use Android (For this you will have to download the free DJI Mimo application). An important detail is that the price of this product is below 100 grams.

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