Offer to buy a complete YI Dome Guard WiFi camera

This is a fairly complete model and, therefore, it is sure that it covers the needs that may be had when it comes to increasing security in your home. In addition, at this time you can buy the product we are talking about with a 42% discount, which means that you only have to pay 28.89 euros to buy it and without having to add nothing for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account. We leave you the link that you have to use so as not to miss the opportunity to get this device that offers a design I spoke of as attractive.

YI Dome Guard Security Camera Options

The truth is that the features offered by this accessory are quite good and will allow you to enjoy high image quality, something that is achieved especially because the integrated sensor allows a resolution that reaches the 1080p. Therefore, the live videos that you can see have a very good definition and you will perfectly distinguish all the elements that are seen on the screen including the vast majority of the details of the place where this device is installed. By the way, thanks to its design it is possible to cover practically 360 degree at the time of work.

Front of the YI Dome Guard in white

Some additional possibilities that you will find in this YI Dome Guard security camera are the power detect movements and receive notifications in the case that it is so established (such as if the pet passes in front of the camera and that is something you need to see) and, also, you have the possibility of use this product when there is no light I know that it includes LEDs to be able to continue having an image, even if this is the situation in your house. The truth is that it lacks practically nothing.

Allows high compatibility

But the good possibilities offered by this device do not end here, since for example to send images over the internet it uses Wifi (In case you need it, it also has an Ethernet port). In this way, when you establish a connection with the router, you will always have access to its use regardless of where you are as long as you have a connection. In addition, it also integrates the function of bidirectional sound so you can listen to everything that is happening in your house as you can talk to those in the room where the YI Dome Guard security camera is placed.

YI Dome Guard Placement

With a control application that is compatible with operating systems ios Y Android, and for which you do not have to pay anything to download it, it is important to indicate that to establish the storage system you can choose different options in the cloud or, failing that, use locally a microSD card of up to 128 GB. Therefore, you can have a good amount of images and videos saved in case they are needed in the future. Finally, in the security section, this camera also highlights that, for example, it is possible to establish a PIN number so that only those who know it can use it.

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