Offer of the new Roborock S7 vacuum cleaner only today for 499 euros on eBay

This robot sold out in Europe in just two hours on the day of its launch, and the truth is that there are no shortage of reasons. One of the things that stand out in this new product that has reached the market a few weeks ago is that it has the PreciSense system of intelligent LiDAR navigation, a technology that allows you to map the house with great precision and speed, above all the models on the current market since it is even capable of recognizing even the carpets that we have on the floors of our house and other objects thanks to its OpticEye and ReactiveAI technologies. This information is used by the Roborock S7 to optimize battery usage, or what is the same, do more work in less time since it does not repeat unnecessary passes when cleaning.

Robot vacuum cleaner in operation

All the functions of the Roborock mop vacuum cleaner are controlled from its app, available for both Android and iOS. We can create cleaning schedules at certain times and days of the week, activate the vacuuming or scrubbing of an especially dirty area or choose the part of the house that we want to clean, check its status, and even tell you which areas are for which you should not pass or see in real time where you are moving in our house from anywhere.

Vacuum and scrub, two in one

It is also important to indicate that this is a product that can be considered a 2 in 1, since it is capable both vacuuming and scrubbing (using a removable mop). To be as efficient as possible and to be able to carry out this double task, the Roborock S7 has two independent tanks: one for the 470 ml powder, more than enough for two jobs without the need to empty; and the second is the one for water, which has a capacity of 300 ml.

Roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaner in white

A key and unique point of the new Roborock release is the combination of Sonic scrubbing with smart mop lift. This combination allows you to work continuously both vacuuming and scrubbing, since when finding carpets, the mop is able to lift automatically to interrupt the scrubbing and continue working in vacuum mode. The mop is also raised in the presence of certain obstacles to prevent the robot from getting stuck, as well as when returning to the base.

Excellent at vacuuming

In this section it should be noted that the suction power offered by the Roborock S7 is 2,500 pascals, enough to finish with any element that is around the house and, especially, recommended to eliminate the hair of pets. In addition, it especially highlights that this is a model that can overcome obstacles up to two centimeters, which makes it no problem to go through ledges and even the base of sliding doors.

Roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaner in black

With a 5,200 mAh battery, this robot vacuum cleaner can work up to 180 minutes without returning, automatically, to its charging base. Despite its autonomy, if during the work time you have not finished with all the work since the house is especially large, you are also able to continue with the cleaning if it has not been completely finished due to the lack of energy. It should be noted that in addition to offering an attractive and circular design so as not to have problems with the corners, this model has a thickness below 10 millimeters which allows you to access almost all places such as, for example, under beds, tables, sofas or the armchairs that you usually have in the living room.

Sonic scrub and variable mop height

The aforementioned sonic scrubbing is one of its key features, which places it at the forefront of the market for this type of robot capable of scrubbing and vacuuming homes. This technology is capable of removing dry liquid stains because it adds a vibration of 3000 times per minute when mopping, creating an effect that you could almost say is capable of rub and tear dirt off the floor. In addition, it is able to distinguish between soft and hard soils to regulate itself and always offer efficient work.

Water tank on the Roborock S7

With a noise hovering around about 67 dBAnd by having six uneven sensors to avoid problems, the Roborock S7 is significantly quieter than its predecessor models and places the brand at first level levels in this regard.

Roborock S7, a great buy now on sale

If you want to find a gift that allows you to get more free time or you are looking for a good option to succeed on Mother’s Day from today April 4 and for a limited time in the eBay store, you only have to pay € 499 for the Roborock S7 instead of 549 euros. Do not lose this chance!

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