Offer for this 86-inch LG 4K television

Having a pantallón at home is the aspiration of many. Now that a size of 40 or 50 inches seems something “standard” it may be time to consider taking the step. If we have enough wall, we may not be scared to think about placing this 86-inch LG Smart TV. What scares us is the tremendous discount you have right now and that many will not let escape.

It is true that 86 inches may not be a size for everyone, but it is also true that brands are reducing more and more the frames, in addition to the thickness. This facilitates the placement of this type of panel in environments where it was not possible before. It is the case of this LG 86UN85006LA, a pantallion of plenty of quality and that is now available on Amazon with a more than interesting discount.

LG 86UN85006LA

A huge and quality Smart TV

This 4K Smart TV delivers lifelike images with vivid color and sharp detail. This quality is partly thanks to the intelligent α7 Gen3 4K processor that improves sound and image sources, thanks to machine learning it offers spectacular images and audio. The chip can also remove noise from video and create colors and contrasts more vibrant. Low resolution images are enhanced and reproduced in near 4K quality.

It also features Dolby Vision IQ technology, which intelligently adjusts screen brightness, color, and contrast based on content genre and lighting conditions. The HDR experience is not lacking either, thanks to the support of the main HDR formats, including HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro. This LG 4K Smart TV is not short on sound either, thanks to its multi-channel Dolby technology that creates a more immersive listening experience.

LG-86UN85006LA and person watching TV

But with an 86-inch screen, movies or series are not going to be the only thing that allows us to exploit this TV. LG has provided it with enough elements to make connecting the console another experience to consider. For example with a higher frame rate, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Low Latency Auto Mode) and eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) which They are compliant with HDMI 2.1 specifications. These latest features allow you to view fast-moving content in higher resolution, smooth and synchronized graphics. Which translates into a perfect gaming experience.

With a beastly discount

It is clear that to buy an 86-inch Smart TV, we must make a considerable outlay. However, at the moment we find this LG 86UN85006LA lowered more than 786 euros. That means instead of costing the 2,500 euros at which we usually find it, It has a price of 1,712 euros. This represents a discount of more than 30% on its usual price. However, we cannot expect this discount to be always active, as on Amazon it can return to its original price at any time. The good news is that shipping is always free for Prime customers, who can also choose to pay in installments.

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