Offer for the Xiaomi Yeelight 1SE bulb for € 15.99 on Gearbest

We have more and more smart devices in our homes, and it is that in addition to smartphones, tablets, televisions, speakers or even thermostats, today there are many who already have smart bulbs that make our homes increasingly smart. If you are one of those who are thinking of buying a smart light bulb to create an ideal environment in a room in your home for every moment, now you have the opportunity to get one Xiaomi Yeelight 1SE smart bulb on sale.

Taking into account that it is a model comes from the hand of the famous Asian manufacturer, it goes without saying its great value for money, therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the best smart bulbs with dimmable light that we can find to take our first steps in the market. fun world of home automation.

Smart bulb with voice control

It is a model that has E27 socket, so it offers great compatibility with most lamps or light fixtures that we have at home. A model that offers a tonality between 1700 and 6500K able to reproduce up to 16 million colors. Therefore, we can change the color of the light in our room according to each moment or situation of the day with total comfort and create the perfect environment.

bulb xiaomi yeelight

In this way, with this Xiaomi Yeelight 1SE bulb we will be able to adjust the brightness and color temperature, being able to use cold white light with high brightness and color temperature for a work environment, as well as a yellow light with low brightness and temperature. of color if what we want is to create an environment to rest.

It is a model capable of sync up with the beat of the musicTo do this, all we have to do is activate the music mode and the bulb will begin to detect the change of rhythm to change color. In addition to being able to adjust all these details and control the functions of the bulb from the mobile thanks to the Mijia app, it is a model that we can also control with our own voice. And it is compatible with the Google assistant, Samsung SmartThings and Alexa.

The consumption of this Xiaomi Yeelight 1SE smart bulb is only 6 W, so in addition to being able to live an incredible experience, we will be saving energy compared to other models on the market.

Offer for Yeelight 1SE Smart Bulb

Its official price is 25.85 euros, but thanks to the discount applied by Gearbest, it is now possible to buy one at the price of 15.99 euros. In addition, the cost of shipping to Spain is only 0.29 euros, so the offer is still very attractive. The delivery time for this smart bulb is between 15 and 28 days from shipment.

bulb xiaomi yeelight

In the previous link, we can see how it is possible to buy a pack of three bulbs with a great discount and take advantage of shipping to be able to receive several units in the same order.

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