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Anyone who has batteries or is charged with a battery can bear the Xiaomi seal. There is life far beyond the smartphones of the Chinese company. Xiaomi licenses many other technological products, so it should not come as a surprise to us, to find Xiaomi devices in many other product ranges. One of the cheapest e interesting is the XMWS001TM mouse, which now appears with an interesting discount.

The mouse is one of the most important elements of our computer. Keep in mind that if we spend several hours a day working or playing, it is advisable to have maximum comfort. An unsuitable mouse is usually one of the most common causes of fatigue. In addition, the daily treatment requires that it be made of resistant materials and can withstand the long hours of day to day. Xiaomi also has the XMWS001TM in its catalog of devices, a designer wireless mouse that you will love.

xiaomi mouse

A high-quality mouse

In order to create an elegant setup, this mouse will suit us like a glove. The first thing to note is that it is made of a strong and durable metallic material. Specifically, Xiaomi details that its sandblasted texture has an anti-fingerprint treatment and it is more resistant to wear and tear. It has a rounded and smooth design, perfect to adapt to any hand. Its treatment allows to effectively prevent slipping and sweating. Its wheel has a smooth time and allows us to scroll through the different pages or documents quickly and precisely.

The Xiaomi mouse has a dual Bluetooth connection mode. This means that with the same wireless adapter, you can connect two computers and freely switch between one or the other. In its lower part and to achieve the highest precision, It has a high precision 1000DPI photoelectric sensor. Another of its strengths is autonomy, since it works with a single AA battery, which allows it to achieve an autonomy of up to 9 months. This battery can be changed easily thanks to the top cover, being a very light and portable mouse, easy to take anywhere.

xiaomi mouse

Full technical features

  • Material: Aluminum alloy and metal.
  • Connection: Wireless
  • Connection type: 2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Resolution: 1000DPI
  • Power supply: Battery (AA battery)
  • Weight: 0.0600 kg
  • Mouse Dimensions: (length × width × height) 11.30 x 6.00 x 3.60 cm

At an irresistible price

We are facing a quality product, but that does not mean that we have to pay a large amount. We are here to bring you the best offers and that is precisely what happens to the Xiaomi XMWS001TM. Usually, this mouse has a price of around 35 euros, but only now We find it with a discount that leaves it at only 20.08 euros. Do not forget that we are facing a flash offer, so it will not be at this price forever. That means it is preferable not to take long to think about it, before it returns to its original price and we cannot take advantage of this offer.

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