Offer for the Bose Sound SportFree Bluetooth with an incredible price

Specifically in the eBay store where you will find the promotion we are talking about. With it you get save you nothing less than a 46% of the price they usually have, so you stop paying an amount that amounts to 92 euros. Without a doubt, we are talking about a bargain for high quality independent helmets. We leave the link what you have to use after this paragraph and where you can take advantage of the possibility of not having to pay anything for shipping costs (this seems to be the case only for a limited time).

Very positive things about the Bose Sound SportFree

One of the ones that we wanted to be more interesting is that this is an accessory that is designed to be used in all kinds of situations, but especially when you do sports. One of the great reasons for this is that this is a device that offers IPX4 water resistance (which is achieved thanks to the fact that a mesh is included that prevents water from accessing its interior). Therefore, neither by sweating and running when it rains are you going to have any problem with this product.

Bose Sound SportFree Headphones Orange

In addition, it is also important to note that the support they offer in the ear is very good, since apart from some silicone tips a additional element that adjusts so your hooves never move when you’re in full force. And to all that has been said, we must add that the weight of these Bose Sound SportFree is only 28.3 grams, so you will hardly notice that you are wearing it and they will not be a handicap when it comes to surpassing your marks when training.

Seamless sound in these cases

This manufacturer is a reference in the market because it always offers high quality products when listening to your music. And this model is not an exception, since among other important characteristics in this section is that they are capable of managing a frequency that goes from 20 to 20,000 Hz. This, combined with what the drivers of more than five millimeters include, allows you to be completely sure that you are going to enjoy the content you like the most with high power and without any distortion. By the way, this is a model that has an application for both ios as for Android that allows you to easily manage all the parameters directly from your mobile phone.

Bose Sound SportFree silicone tips

The Bose Sound SportFree Utilize technology Bluetooth so you will not have any cables that bother you when you are wearing them, and this means that they need an energy charge to function. Thanks to the fact that it includes a battery in its case you can use it without having to resort to plug until 15 hours, a pretty good brand and that is complemented by fast recharging that allows you to get up to 45 minutes of use of the headphones that we are talking about with having them connected to the power supply. The truth is that this product offers a lot and everything good.

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