Offer for the 49 “Sony KD49XH8096 Smart TV with Android TV

While the three most popular premises when buying anything is that it is something good, beautiful and cheap, when choosing a Smart TV, we could say that the important thing is that it offers us a good image quality, sound to the height and a good operating system with which to manage all the settings, configuration and installed content. Finding this at a good price is something we can do with this TV. Sony KD49XH8096, a very complete Smart TV, with a modern design and now available with an irresistible offer.

It is a high-end model that has an LED screen of 49 inch and one 4K UHD native resolution. A smart TV with Android TV as the operating system equipped with a powerful processor capable of using certain advanced algorithms to reduce noise and increase the quality of the image displayed in each scene in real time. That is, it can display images that arrive in lower quality in a resolution very close to 4K thanks to its processing and rendering capacity.

Good, nice and cheap smart TV

With regard to color quality, it should be noted that this Sony KD49XH8096 has technology Triluminos, so it used a greater number of shades compared to other conventional televisions. In addition, it is capable of analyzing each image to show more natural colors and with higher quality of detail.

If to this we add support for Dolby Vision HDRCapable of displaying deeper blacks and shadows, it brings all these technologies together to show images at the level of a high-end model.

Smart tv Sony KD49XH8096 side

As far as the sound section is concerned, this Sony KD49XH8096 Smart TV has two 10 W speakers each with which it is capable of providing a completely surround sound thanks to Dolby Atmos. This allows us to enjoy a high quality audiovisual experience from the living room.

At the connectivity level, this Sony model is equipped with a WiFi connection, Bluetooth, it is one of the Smart TVs that have Chromecast integrated and it does not lack its HDMI and USB ports, as well as an RJ45 Ethernet input.

Offer for Sony KD49XH8096 Smart TV

As we can see, some features and benefits at the level of few models that do not have a high price. However, the official price for this Sony KD49XH8096 Smart TV is 807.67 euros. Now, thanks to the offer that we find at the moment on eBay, it is possible to get it at a much lower price.

Smart TV Sony KD49XH8096 front

Specifically, the seller has applied a 27% discount, which represents a saving of more than 220 euros on the purchase of this television. This causes its final price to be set at only 584 euros. Shipping costs are free and delivery time is between 6 and 11 days. Of course, at the time of publication many units have already been sold and few are available, so you must hurry if you do not want to run out of it.

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