Offer for a large screen Samsung QLED Smart TV and free shipping

This is a television that has a 55 inch, more than enough to enjoy both games and sporting events with an excellent amplitude. In addition, it should be noted that the resolution offered by this model is 4K, so all kinds of content coming from cloud video platforms can also be consumed seamlessly. It should also be noted that this is a model that has some technologies that make it stand out, such as Direct Full Array Plus and Quantum Dot. The first optimizes the display of small details and the second makes it possible to reproduce 100% of the color volume.

Smart TV QLED Samsung 55Q80R

Without any problem in what has to do with the contents HDR, which ensures a quality beyond any doubt when using this Samsung QLED Smart TV, another excellent detail that you will find inside this model is a quad core processor that allows great scaling and that has its own algorithm that allows you to adjust parameters such as video and audio depending on where you are. To do this efficiently, you don’t lack the use of Artificial intelligence.

Great connectivity in this Samsung QLED Smart TV

This is an excellent detail, since having all types of connections (both in terms of quantity and diversity), you will not find any problem to connect a large number of accessories and this also avoids having to go around manipulating cables of constantly when you want to add something such as a console or sound bar. This is what you will find in this Samsung 55Q80R:

  • Four HDMI ports
  • Optical digital audio output
  • Two USB connections
  • Ethernet
  • Dual Band WiFi
  • Bluetooth

Top image of the SMart TV QLED Samsung 55Q80R

It should be noted that an optical cable comes out of the television that is practically transparent and has a length of 5 meters. This is connected to a box called One Connect, which is used to connect all kinds of devices and even to the power supply of the TV. This allows for a great order with the cables.

Very important offer for this TV

Few times you will find the possibility of save you no less than 300 euros for the purchase of this Samsung 55Q80R. Right now it is possible in the eBay store and, in addition, you should know that you should not add absolutely anything for shipping costs. An additional attraction that can convince you to jump into buying this device. We leave the link that you should use to get this high-image quality television.

A couple of additional details that you should know about this Samsung QLED Smart TV is that it has an operating system Tizen which is one of the best currently available for televisions. And, additionally, that the audio power it has your 4.1 system reaches 40 W, so we are talking about a model that will almost certainly prevent you from using an additional sound bar.

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