Oculus Quest is updated to avoid hits

Oculus Quest

To avoid accidents while wearing virtual reality glasses, Oculus Quest presents its Space Sense update

One of the big problems you have when wearing the Oculus Quest glasses are the accidents that can be generated to get lost in the space of virtual reality.

However this could change thanks to the update Space sense that would allow to observe when other people or objects intrude in the space.

“Space Sense allows you to see when other people or objects intrude on your Guardian boundaries”


According to the company, the extra objects in the space will appear in the Oculus Quest. Including people who appear suddenly.

With Space sense, Goal He hopes to solve problems by hitting children, objects and animals.

“Other people, large pets, a chair that has been taken out of its usual place … these objects and more should appear highlighted in your glasses, surrounded by a pink glow”

Space sense works in conjunction with the Guardian system to provide people with a safe space where they can move without fear of accidents.

According to the company, the update allows users to have warnings about objects that are in a distance of up to three meters.

To activate Space sense It is necessary to go to the section “Experimental functions” of the configuration of Oculus Quest.

It is expected that in the next few weeks this function will be available to all users.

More news coming to Oculus Quest

Space sense It will not be the only novelty that comes with this update in the Oculus Quest, because it will also have:

Enhanced voice commands, the option to view in-game Android phone notifications, and a Passthrough API (seen above) that gives developers the ability to combine VR with a player’s physical environment for a more reality-like experience. increased “

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