NVIDIA cheats by performing a keynote with a digital version of its CEO

Jensen huang

Jensen Huang was present at the GTC 2021 conference. However, it was revealed that he was a fully digital version of the NVIDIA CEO and no one noticed.

The great deception he performed has just been revealed NVIDIA to his followers and is that he was able to make a keynote with a Digital version from his CEO Without anyone noticing.

On April Jensen huang held his conference GTC 2021, where he presented some of his hardware and software innovations. However it was revealed that the executive who came forward was not real.

NVIDIA confessed that his CEO it was one Digital version and that no one could tell the difference. Through a documentary, the company explained that for their objective they used several of their tools.


The company managed to create a virtual representation of Jensen Huang, thanks to its latest technologies. With 3D modeling tools like Autodesk Maya or Substance Painter.

The setting in which the CEO of NVIDIA It is also digital, something that users had noticed, but that went unnoticed with the digital version of the executive.

NVIDIA explained that he resorted to Omniverse, your collaborative platform, to create real-time simulations.

“Above all, we build the Omniverse for ourselves. Omniverse started with the idea of ​​connecting existing tools that generate 3D models for what we now call metaverse »

It should be noted that Omniverse has a large infrastructure in the cloud with which you can “create photorealistic and physically accurate images in real time thanks to Nvidia RTX graphics technology.”

To make the model more credible NVIDIA resorted to artificial intelligence to make it look more realistic. Since the system was able to copy the facial expressions of Jensen huang.

“The demo combined the work of NVIDIA’s deep learning and graphics research teams with various engineering teams. And with the incredible internal creative team of the company »

NVIDIA he specified that in his keynote They were able to demonstrate the great potential of their technology and they could even develop digital clones of any person with great precision.

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