Now you can track your AirPods from your iPhone!

Apple announced a number of new features for AirPods with the operating system iOS 15including the ability to track hearing aids with the app Find My.

The great advantage of this new functionality is that now you can find your AirPods with great precision, even if the headphones are in the same room as you and, no matter how hard you searched, you cannot find them.

The new function of the iOS 15 operating system to easily find the airpods - Hola Telcel blog

Like AirTags, AirPods Pro Y AirPods Max They will have the ‘Precise Tracking’ tool that works through Bluetooth technology with which you will not only be able to know the location of your hearing aids, but also the exact distance to reach them.

Also, another of the tracking improvements in iOS 15 is that there is no need for the headphones to be connected to your iPhone or iPad, since now the AirPods can be linked directly to your Apple ID account.

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Thanks to this new functionality, you will no longer have to leave your AirPods at home after not finding them when you go out in a hurry. In addition, you can continue enjoying your playlists unlimited favorites via Claro Music wherever you are with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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Find My for AirPods will not work as a security method

Unlike iPhones and iPads, the application will not allow you to block the use of hearing aids if they have been stolen. Also, there is the possibility that someone else will change the ID that the hearing aids are paired with.

Other iOS 15 features

Being able to track the AirPods more precisely is not the only novelty of iOS 15, since you will also have the possibility of finding them with a friend’s application if for some reason you do not have the device that is linked to the ID of the headphones.

On the other hand, with this new operating system, Siri incorporates the ‘Announce Notifications’ function to the AirPods, so that users can listen to the alerts that arrive on their phones just by asking.

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While the small size of Apple headphones makes them stylish, finding them has also become a complex task. Do you think these new functions are very useful? 🤔

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