Now you can rent the house of ‘My poor little angel’ during Christmas!

Enjoy with family My poor angel during Christmas it has become one of the most beautiful and fun traditions. This is because Kevin McCallister it has transcended generations; the story of the tender boy forgotten by his family during the holidays, who was forced to defend his house from thieves, has become a benchmark of the season. Well, we have news for you: Now you can rent his house!

Kevin McCallister scared for being forgotten at his home in Chicago - Hello Telcel blog

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The possibility of renting for one night the famous house of My poor angel we owe it to Airbnb, a company that has opened the doors of the McCallister family home for a Christmas experience like no other. The best of all? Buzz, Kevin’s older brother, will give you a complete tour of the house.

My poor little angel's house, which will be for rent thanks to Airbnb this Christmas - Hello Telcel blog

How and how much does it cost to rent the house My poor angel this Christmas?

If you want to be one of the lucky people who manage to stay in this mythical house, a classic of the cinema, you must make your registration through the following link, which will be available from next Tuesday, December 7 at 1:00 p.m.. So you must be very aware to make your reservation and live a Christmas as if you were inside the movie.

The cost of lodging per person is $ 25 dollars (approximately $ 550 Mexican pesos) but, since there are many fans waiting to live the experience, the reservation is limited to a single night with four guests.

My poor little angel's house for rent decorated with a Christmas theme, including the stairs - Blog Hola Telcel

What surprises will there be when renting the McCallister family home on Airbnb?

The four special guests who join the adventure will be able to relive the memories of the classic Christmas movie released in the 1990s. That includes a perfectly decorated tree, Chicago pizza slices, a real tarantula, and a LEGO set to build the house. Not to mention the presence of Buzz, who decided to properly invite people to join in on the experience.

“You may not remember me as a particularly accommodating person, but I have grown up and will be delighted to share my family home, even my pizza with you this holiday season. Of course, try not to let my Axl tarantula loose this time ”, shared Buzz, played by American actor Devin Ratray.

Kevin McCallister's Christmas gown with which they receive you when you rent the house of my poor little angel.- Blog Hola Telcel

Best of all, the idea for Airbnb came about after the premiere of My poor sweet little angel on Disney + that you can enjoy at include it in your current Telcel Plan or to sign up for a Max Play Plan with Disney + and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

In addition, the proceeds from this fun and immersive dynamic will be donated to La Rabida Children’s Hospital, a pediatric specialty hospital dedicated to the medical care of children with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Bedroom and bed of the house for rent from My poor little angel through Airbnb - Hola Telcel blog
Photos: Airbnb

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Have you ever imagined being able to visit the house of My poor angel? Now it is possible and this is your chance to do it! 😊

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